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Adaugat: Aug 31, 2009
Jucate : 3607
Marime: 2.28 Mb


Un joc gratis pentru toate lumea, de impuscaturi gen SF. Un shooter nou in care va trebui sa te razboiesti cu toti inamicii pentru a supravetiu. Urmareste firul jocului si nu te vei mai putea dezlipi de calculator. Bineinteles ca totul se petrece online p

Cuvinte cheie pentru acest joc :

shooter, impuscaturi, roboti

Cei care au jucat acest joc au cautat :

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Cautari pentru jocuri similare :

Controls:<br />
<br />
Shift or Control - Use Shield (Disables shooting, and slows you down)<br />
Mouse Control Style - The Ship follows the mouse<br />
Keyboard Control Style - Use ASDW or the arrow keys to move your ship.<br />
Features:<br />
3 Bosses among the first 50 waves.<br />
6 Different types of enemies.<br />
Pre-Game Cheats to change the gameplay scenario.<br />
Cheats:<br />
<br />
trigger happy - alot of ammo<br />
red bull - alot of energy and health<br />
killer instinct - maxed out shot strength and shot spread<br />
fifty years old - start at wave 50<br />
fourty years old - start at wave 40<br />
thirty years old - Start at wave 30<br />
twenty years old - Start at wave 20<br />
ten years old - Start at wave 10<br />
cash - alotta score points<br />
speeding bullet - maxed out speed<br />
i want it all - all Cheats<br />
Your goal in this game is to last as long as you can against the enermy armada. Whenever you destroy an enemy you gain score points. You can use these score points in the upgrades menu to upgrade your ship to handle oncoming waves of enemies.<br />
<br />
Everything on the upgrades menu is bought using score points, which you get from destroying enemies. On the upgrade menu you can increase your ships maximum health, its maximum energy, its maximum ammo capacity, how strong its bullets are, how many bullets it fires in one shot, and how fast it is. You can also refill your ammo , and buy an extra life on the upgrade menu.<br />
<br />
For whirled users, trophies wll be awarded in game for completeing certain tasks. Also, when the game is over, there will be a coin payout based on your score value., which you will revieve coins you can use on the whirled website.<br />
<br />
Your shield is your primary source of defense. However it requires energy to use it. While your ship does slowly recharge its energy, should your shield take any damage while it does not ahve any energy left, it will overheat and be forced into a full recharge. During which the normally blue energy bar will be red and you will not be able to use your shield.<br />
<br />
As you progress through the waves of enemies, the number of enemies you face will increase, there strength, will also increase, and there speed will decrease so they have more time to try and destroy you. Thus is why upgrading your ship is a very important aspect of survial in this game.<br />
<br />
Every once and a while you will encounter an enemy boss which you must destroy to go on to further waves of enemies. These bosses hae much more stamina than other enemies and will also shoot much more than others and also in many different ways.

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